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Putting a home up for sale in the real estate market can be a complex, high-stress, and a time-consuming endeavor. The process involves knowing what improvements to make to get the best return, hiring and overseeing the vendors, staging the home to present the right image and style, correctly pricing the home to attract buyers, marketing the home not only locally but also around the world, negotiating the offers, and going through escrow.

To ease this burden for sellers, Silicon Valley Living employs a specialist team in the area of home improvement, staging, marketing / graphic design, escrow services, etc. dedicated exclusively to assisting homeowners through the home-selling process. All these services are complimentary for sellers.

Below is a list of some of the complimentary services that Silicon Valley Living offers to our listing clients.

  1. Interior Design Consultation - Our professionally accredited interior designer will visit your home, make suggestions regarding potential improvements, suggest furniture placement, and add details that can enhance the home’s value.

  1. Work directly with vendors to prepare your house - If you desire, we will work with vendors on your behalf to oversee the work needed to prepare your home for sale. We will even provide some complementary minor home improvement and pre-inspection maintenance services.

  1. Staging Services - If needed, we will provide a month of staging services , including design, delivery, set-up, furniture rental, and de-staging.

  1. Marketing - In today’s competitive and complex real estate market, traditional real estate marketing (such as For Sale signs, local newspaper advertising, virtual tours, etc.) is no longer enough. With over 90% of home buyers using the Internet as part of their home search, a comprehensive online marketing program in conjunction with traditional marketing is “essential” to generating the greatest possible demand for your home.

Our marketing strategies to sell your home are second to none. All of our marketing programs are custom designed to showcase your home with sophistication and are guaranteed to attract more buyers, not only locally, but also from around the world! Along with our traditional marketing services (professional high-end photography,  full color listing brochures, open house ad’s, catered broker and open house tours, direct mail and agent email campaigns), all of our listing’s include the following Internet marketing services:

Custom Featured Website

Specific To Your Property

Our custom built property website will tell a story about your home to which potential buyers will emotionally connect before they even set foot in the door.


Property Video Tour

We take your property listing to the next level so it will stand out from the crowd. Our professionally produced Video Tour is an effective upgrade to the typical virtual tour and is distribution online to the World !



Worldwide Syndication

Real estate syndication is the process of getting your property information displayed on other real estate related websites and search engines. We are committed to putting your property listing in front of thousands of potential buyers not only locally, but all over the world.

QR Code Marketing

We incorporate QR Codes into all of our various property marketing initiatives. QR codes, or Quick Response Codes, are two-dimensional bar codes that are scanned by a smartphone camera, so buyers can get immediate access to all the property details, photos, directions, and neighborhood information.

Visit our Sellers Page to view our other marketing services. Remember , the number of people who see your home directly influences the selling price.

Social Networking

We promote our properties to various Social Networking sites as a non-intrusive way to keep my sphere apprised of your listing.

A custom website address sign is created and placed on

the “For Sale” sign to direct drive by traffic to the website.

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